I love to draw in high quality, to draw some details, sparkles and to color more complex with some shadows and light effects ♡

In regulary time I can draw a high quality in ~8-20 hours. The MORE higher quality (ultra quality) needs (where know it?) - right! More time! xD

The most of my high quality artworks are drawn for some cover artworks (like my own Manga projects) or for bigger promotion artworks, likt this one left on this side.

This is one of my fave drawings with my OC Chizakura, my Godesscat from HaatoBiito. I draw this illu for saying 'thank you' to all my fans, supporters and friends last year.





SpeedPaint artworks are faster to draw, only ~3-8 hours per artwork. I really like this sketchy variant~ ♡


And! The mostly of my commissions are indeed wished in my SpeedPaint style =3

I'll tell the truth, I loooove to draw commissions like that! Really, to 'sketchyscribble' the backgrounds, play with one soft- and one cellshade, use the simply but cute highlights on all details on it ♡


I prefer to use this way to draw mostly - because I can draw more artworks with my characters and I love every single one so much ♡


Need to spend more time and love for new SpeedPaint Artworks ♡





A Manga artist have some Black'n'White thingsies, I think? o_o xD
I have some single BnW artworks too! The mostly are chapter cover for my Manga projects:

♡ The Legend of Princess SEIRA


♡ Future is Past

♡ Some Shortie Stories


No matter if I draw some BnW artworks in traditional or digital way, i really like every possibillity! x3


But! I don't know if I draw none-cover BnW artworks ._." Sry xD




I'm slowly in finishing some of my artworks.
So I decided to open a sketch gallery for all my illustration, I'll finish in future if I had the time for it ♡


!Mostly of my sketches are chaotic and derp, plz forgive me! xD




Ahh! I think, I'll combinate the sketch gallery with some WIPs (work in progress), so can I let you show more from my unfinishes artworks! ♡





Longname: Art Cards, Editions and Originals

I draw for so many years some ACEO cards. I know, it's a smally size to draw in traditional way but I love this little cutie thingies all the time so much QuQ


The reason why I like ACEO so much is the exchance with other artists, no matter how 'big' or 'smal' they are as artists!

In a ACEO exchange draw the other one one of my OCs for me, only me and I'll to the same for the other!

I really like this simply, cutie little thing where we artists have and love all my ACEOs! ♡